Elearning Delta

Custom LMS Solutions

Elearning Delta works exclusively with a number of vetted Learning Management Systems (LMS).
We feel these LMSs offer the best features, the most flexibility, and a commitment to keeping up with current elearning technologies.
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LMS Matching

The Elearning Delta team has experience implementing many different Learning Management Systems.
We can help match you with the perfect LMS for your business, school, or organization.

LMS Matching Services

After a careful evaluation of your needs, we match you with 3 best-fit Learning Management Systems, based on the following general criteria…

Targeted Learners

Required Features

Cost and Scalability

Integration Requirements

Security and Support

LMS Plans

Elearning Delta offers special plans for our hand-selected and vetted LMS solutions.
We get your LMS set up and running smoothly; implement add-on services as needed; and offer support for the long haul.

LMS Set Up Plan

We set up or install your LMS, depending on which LMS you choose. This plan includes the following services.

Install LMS and initialize settings.

Implement features based on your needs.

Customize with a theme and your branding.

Set up admin user accounts and permissions.

Manage project throughout the entire process.

Provide user manual for reporting and maintenance.

Looking for a simpler solution?

Elearning Delta offers a full-service, on-demand LMS solution as well.

If you want to start small, we can set you up and help you grow!

Schedule a consult today.

Let us show you how good your LMS can be!